Casting Lessons - Baitcaster & Fly

**If you are not satisfied that you have improved your casting abilities dramatically, we provide a money back guarantee!


Fish aren't silly! They like to hide.
Have you ever watched fish in a fish tank? They like to hide. This means we need to be clever about where we cast our bait or lure. Fish hide in 'snags'. A snag could be a fallen tree under the water or even a pocket of water surrounded by trees and vegetation that looks like the perfect hidey hole!
Whether you are using an eggbeater (threadline), baitcaster or fly set up, if you can't get your bait to the fish you are wasting your time.
You could own the best fishing gear ever made and you still won't catch nearly as much as you should be.  Increase your catch rate by 100% by getting yourself some casting lessons! If you do one of the following with either your simple eggbeater or baitcaster, you are not casting as well as, you could be:
  • The side cast - this seems to be the old faithful because it is easy, more often then not, done with a baitcaster.  Not only does it restrict you when fishing in tight spots but it is so inaccurate you are bound not to be on target.
  • The lob - if you are casting and it goes straight up and virtually straight down you are simply not going to get any distance nor accuracy.
It doesn't matter how long you have been fishing, chances are you can always improve your casting.  It falls into the same category as a golf swing, if your swing is no good, you are not going to hit the target. Hitting the target in golf is just as important in fishing!
Fly, Plug (baitcaster) or Spin (eggbeater, threadline)
2 hours at a location convenient to you - $120