Elective High School Sports Programs
For years 7 through to 12 we have an awesome interactive elective sports program.
It's fun, it's healthy and it's getting them out in the great outdoors.



I thought I'd let you know that the kids had a blast at fishing lessons yesterday. I'm not sure who the instructor was but Maurice hasn't stopped talking about all the tricks he did with his rod.


He was so excited to go fishing with you guys he got up at 5.30am made his  lunch , made his sisters lunch and had his school bag packed all by 6am. I am hoping we can have fishing lessons 5 days a week !


On the way back to school all the boys agreed to tell all the other kids how crap the lesson was so that next week they could have the lesson to themselves again. 


Parent from Reddam House Sydney
Students won't realise it because they will be having so much fun......
but they will be learning the following subjects during the weekly 2 hour session over 10 weeks:
  • Accuracy Casting - spin, baitcaster, fly
  • Artificial Bait - Lures - soft plastics, hard bodies, flies
  • Natural Bait - matching the hatch - what to use, when and how
  • Knots and rigs - how to tie them and when to use them
  • Legalties - what you can and can't keep
  • Tides and Moons - best times to fish and why
  • Equipment - terminal tackle, rods, reels, line, polaroids and the rest
  • Australian species - traits, habitats, life cycles
  • Environmental - sustainable fishing, catch and release

For only $10 per head each week for 10 weeks this is an affordable option for students of all ages and backgrounds.


All equipment is provided.....even the comfy fishing chairs to do it in style.  We only use the best equipment provided by our sponsors. All they need to do is bring themselves.


With over 70 sites across Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast area....there will always be a site close enough that travel is not a head ache!

Call us on 0413 032 217 or 02 4572 2276 or email to take up this offer!