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Freshwater Fishing Lessons -
Fly Fishing, Bass Fishing, Murray Cod, Trout and more
Love freshwater fishing but not as successful as you would like to be? Looking for bass fishing tips to catch the big one?
We offer comprehensive 1/2 and full day freshwater fishing lessons in various locations to help you master this fabulous sport!toddwithcod4.JPG - large
Bring you own gear or use our top of the range gear! It is really up to you! Bring some mates for more fun and a cheaper price!
Bass fishing is a growing sport in Australia and we can show you how to do it like a professional.  
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Provided to each student in all courses:   
  • 1 x Rod & Reel Combo (for use during lesson only if required)
  • All tackle and line needed (for use during lesson only if required)
  • Lures (where relevant)
  • Casting plugs and targets
  • Student Handbook, fact sheets and assessment
  • Bait (if required) will be purchased prior to lesson beginning
  • Photos of student catches will be taken and made available on request 





Fishing Spots Available - Landbased only
  • Lake Lyall
  • Lake Wallace
  • Lake Windamere
  • Oberon Dam
  • Nepean River
  • Thompsons Creek Dam 


Subjects covered:
  • Lure fishing - lure selection, surface lures, soft plastics, blades, spinnerbaits, crank baits, jigging, twanging, stimulants, knots & rigs.
  • Bait fishing - tackle (hooks, sinkers, floats, swivels, leaders, line classes, mono -v-braided), burely & stimulants, bait selection, presentation of bait, knots & rigs, collecting live bait.
  • Fly Fishing - Fly selection, fly lines (sinking or not), polaroiding, knots & rigs.
  • Accuracy Casting - Fly, Plug (baitcaster), Spin (threadline, eggbeater)
  • Accessories - Polaroid sunglasses, keeper nets, hook disgorgers, fish grippers, enviro-nets, waders, gloves, sun protection
  • Catch & Release - setting the hooks, strike zone, fish senses, moons, minimum bag & size limits, general legalities, pump & wind, eco issues (leaving it the way you found it), species specific traits, catch & release techniques/benefits.
Fishing Lessons Available
1/2 day - will cover one competency (lure, fly, bait) plus Accuracy Casting, Accessories & Catch/Release subjects.
1 x full day - will cover all subjects OR one competency covering skills from beginner to advanced plus Accuracy Casting, Accessories & Catch/Release subjects.
1/2 day - per person $240
1/2 day - min 3 per person $210toddfish5.jpg - large
1/2 day - min 6 per person $190
Full day - per person $340
Full day - min 3 per person $310
Full day - min 6 per person $290
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