School Excursions
Stage 3 & 4 - Science & Technology
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This program was created by two parents, Melanie and Todd Young, in conjunction with Michael Filewood, Bachelor of Arts & Diploma of Education and 15 years Classroom Teacher at Baulkham Hills High.
A specialized program created for Stage 3 & 4 where the students are taken on an interactive educational outdoor adventure with all equipment provided!
  • Single day program based on the Science & Technology Syllabus
  • Theory & practical sessions-wetlands role play group activity with props/script, casting at targets, buddy games, practical fishing session for Australian Bass
  • 50 venues across Sydney & Newcastle with easy access for buses or cars and free parking ( Parkside Reserve Carrs Park, Putney Park, Manly Dam, Windang and more.)
  • Qualified instructors with 10 years experience teaching children through to adults. All staff undergo working with children checks and hold a current Certificate for Self-Employed People in Child Related Employment.
  • All instructors accredited with SFA
  • One instructor with Diplomas in both OHS and Quality Assurance ensures the highest standards of safety and best practice. This site and program has been comprehensively assessed for risks and hazards where any risks and hazards have been identified and minimised.
  • Amenties and hand washing facilities, sunscreen and fresh drinking water on sites
Animated characters "Olivia" & "Daniel" introduce and educate the children in the following subjects on a 23" monitor throughout the day : 
  • Water Drain Basins
  • Ecology
  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Habitats
  • The Water Cycle
  • Clean Water Equals Quality Fish - Pollution, Storm water etc.
  • History of Fishing - In Australia and Internationally
  • Fish Senses
  • Fishing Equipment
  • The exclusive "10 Step Casting Program"
  • Moon Influence
  • Tide Bulge
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Lures -V- Bait
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Catch & Release
  • Common Carp and the impacts of introduced species
  • Australian Native Fish
Choose from the standard package or premium package below:
  • Entry into the venue 
  • Shimano 2 piece Rod & Reel Combo (RRP $70)
  • Stickers from sponsors
  • NSW Fisheries Rules & Regulations Booklet
  • NSW Fisheries Sticker Fish Identification and Measuring Ruler
  • Entry into the venue 
  • NSW Fisheries Rules & Regulations Booklet
  • NSW Fisheries Sticker Fish Identification and Measuring Ruler

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Parent helpers are also welcome to come and enjoy the day free of charge.



PDHPE Syllabus



A specialized single day program based on the PDHPE Syllabus, where students are taken on an interactive educational outdoor adventure!



  • Satisfies outcomes for units 7.5 - Physical activity options and opportunites, 7.10 - Summer fun, 8.8 - Physical activity for health and fitness, 9.4 - Active for life, 10.1 - Recreational physical activities and opportunities, 10.7 - Student-negotiated physical activity


  • Students rotated between theory and practical sessions throughout the day. Target casting, brain storming and written assessments.


  •  Risk and Venue Assessments have been accepted and listed on DET Intranet Portal. Amenities, First Aid equipment, hand washing facilities, sunscreen on site.



  • PFIGA, SFA accredited instructors



  •  All equipment provided for free



  • Student Training Guide given to each student boasting reference material, assessments, learning opportunities and more.



  • Fifty venues to choose from across Sydney, Newcastle



Subjects covered in this program include:


  •   History of Fishing
  • Recreational Fishing Techniques - Beach, Rock Estuary, Saltwater, Freshwater
  • Group Activity - Brain storming children split into groups to brain storm then present
  • Risk Management - Hazard identification and controls
  • Health benefits of Fishing - mental, physical and social
  • Equipment Identification - Fly, Spin, Baitcaster (Rods, Reels, Terminal tackle etc)
  • Accuracy Casting
  • Sustainable Fishing - bag limits, size limits, possession limits
  • Natural or Artificial Bait
  • Baiting up
  • Practical Fishing Session