Temple Fork Outfitters

Temple Fork Outfitters say this about themselves:

We have been in the fly fishing business a long time.

After introducing our original "Killer Caddis"TM glass beads, flies and tying tools, and telling all our friends that we were TEMPLEFORKOUTFITTERS1.jpg - largein the fly fishing business...their first question was typically "That's great! Whose rods do you carry?" We can now say "Our Own!"


Armed with a lifetime passion for fly fishing, we set out to establish a new standard of value for fly and conventional rods. We have relied on our own experience and advice of many professionals in creating what we believe is the perfect marriage—price and performance. Sound too good to be true? Cast one, and you be the judge.


"Lifetime Warranties," are worth little for rods that stay in the closet. For some of you, ours might be your only rod, and for others who might be adding to a portfolio of rods, we expect ours to become a favorite. Temple Fork Outfitters rods prefer to spend their time fishing, and thus face a greater odds of breakage. Our NO FAULT LIFETIME WARRANTY will repair or replace your rod for a reasonable shipping and handling charge for the life of the registered owner.


We have an exceptional group of Advisory Staff members with decades of experience. Not only do they provide us with insight to improve our products, but they also spend countless hours traveling the world and sharing their knowledge and experience with others.


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 B.A.S.S Nations Australia Tournament

BASSNationAustralia41.jpg - large


The encouragement of a larger participation of fishing in Australia is the endorsement of a healthier Australia.


B.A.S.S Australia Nation is a bass fishing event organizer, running sustainable fishing tournaments throughout the territory of Australia.

Mission Statement

We are the Australian affiliation for B.A.S.S. and we encourage the association between all people and bass fishing worldwide. Our true goal will be to bring bass fishing to the main stream within the territory of Australia and develop world class competitive anglers to represent the B.A.S.S. Australian Nation.

To improve our skills as anglers through the exchange of ideas and techniques, to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great sport. We will instill into ourselves and others who come into contact with us, the values of courtesy, honesty, sportsmanship, good conservation practices, and a desire to perpetuate quality bass fishing.

To promote adherence to all conservation codes, demand adequate water standards and legal enforcement of existing regulatory standards. We will detect and report any polluter and call public and political attention to that crim
Check out the B.A.S.S Nations Australia Tournaments at:

CONTOUR CAMERASContourLogoBlack.jpg - large

The ContourROAM is the ideal camera for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere
life takes you. Just slide the record switch and you're instantly filming beautiful HD video.
The award-winning design is tough, compact, waterproof to 1M.
Young Guns have put these camera's through their paces and WOW! There is no comparison to competitors!
Contour cameras are superior in every way.
Check out a sample video showing how easy it is to capture underwater footage without having to worry
about hard cover casings for up to 1 metre.


LIVE TARGET LURESlive-target-lures-lo1.jpg - large
LIVETARGET lures host a variety of internal weight and rattle components to give the baits their tantalizing fish calling sound and vibration. Internal components include a mix of lead, steel, brass, and glass depending on the model.
Many LIVETARGET lures feature a weight transfer system. The internal weight rolls to the rear of the bait to enhance casting distance. When the lure is retrieved the weight rolls to the keel position giving the lure its preferred action and vibration.
LIVETARGET lures are manufactured using the very best raw materials, equipment and processes in today’s industry. Every variable in the production process is carefully considered; from engineering to sonic welding to the multi-layered hand painted finishes, LIVETARGET has earned its premium reputation.
Check out the LIVETARGET LURES here:


Snowbeeblack.jpg - smallSnowbee was established in 1978 and have been producing quality products ever since. They make a variety of products that include waders, wading boots, thermals, fish smokers, gloves, gear bags, vests, fly lines and some very nice fly reels. To many products to mention here, so check them out. We have been using Snowbee products for many years and they are durable and long lasting which is what we look for when selecting products for our clients to use.




Yamashitanewlogo.jpg - smallYamashita make a fantastic range of squid jigs, rods, lures for most species of fish and a whole range of accessories. Made in Japan from quality components and the lures are fitted with Owner hooks and rings. The colour range is truly awesome and they will have your favourite colour. Give them ago or check out the range at EJ Todds website.




Marialogo.png - smallMaria lures are made in Japan for Australian fishing conditions. We have personally tested some of the first proto types and had some great success. Maria lures come fitted with Owner hooks and Owner split rings, they feature superior colours and fish catching actions. The rattles inside the lures have a low sound for attracting those timid fish. Maria also make a range of bait jigs, assist hooks and much more.



LUCKY CRAFT LURES AND RODSLuckyCraftLogo.jpg - large

Lucky Craft have never failed YGFA. Their designs and quality of each and every product they release is flawless.


YGFA gets great pleasure in supporting EJ Todd & Son, the Australian distributor of Lucky Craft. We know if these industry professionals are supplying a product, it will be the best.


For more info about Lucky Craft products in Australia see this link:




Sunline is a Japanese fishing line manufacturer established in 1977.
Sunline(highres).jpg - large
The company produces every conceivable type of fishing line for every type of target and method.  Materials include nylon, fluorocarbon, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate), and metal.

Sunline maintains top share in the Japanese fishing line market and exports its lines to more than 40 countries worldwide.

The fundamental concept at Sunline has always been to develop a thinner, stronger fishing line.  The company is constantly challenging itself to give full play to its original technology in the creation of new products.


Check out the products available in Australia for Sunline here:



Native Water Craft Australia

There's nothing like the view from the water.It's not a bad gig, designing and building kayaks, hybrids and accessories that get people out in the natural world.native_endorsed_guid1.jpg - large


As busy and crowded as the world seems, there are still tranquil places to explore, wildlife to encounter, moments to photograph, fish to stalk, catch and release. These places often exist in our own back yards. And there's no better way to discover them than in a Native Watercraft.



Most of the company has been knocking around water and the outdoors, as a passion and a career, the better part of our lives. There are decades of boat-building knowledge behind your Native Watercraft, and a passion for paddling's history and its future.



The newest materials and techniques always get our attention. That's how we get to break-through ideas like First Class Seating, Adapt-A-Track, Propel Pedal Drive and Ultimate Tegris, ideas that elevate the experience, add performance and increase user comfort.


We feel just as fortunate that we get to do our thing in North Carolina. There's great white water in the mountains west, salt marshes and the Outer Banks east, and lots of good lakes in the middle. Better still, we get to work with amazing local talent and partner with domestic suppliers. While we love our global family, our first obligation is to our neighbors.



Of course, without a clean environment, paddling has no future. We are committed to taking our environmental impact as close to zero as we can get. The vast majority of components in our kayaks can be recycled at the end of their usefulness. The recycle-reuse-repurpose mantra extends throughout the manufacturing process as we sort virtually all waste materials and flow it to recyclers. We're not where we want to be yet, but we're going to keep trying to get there.


Getting you in a Native Watercraft means visiting a specialty retailer. We concentrate our distribution there to ensure that our customers get the benefit of a knowledgeable sales staff who can point you to the right boat and outfitting to maximize your enjoyment and success.



Find a dealer or more info about Native Watercraft Australia here:






HEADSOX AUSTRALIAHsox_logo_strapline.jpg - large

What are Headsox?

Headsox™ are a multifunctional, seamless head and neckwear accessory made from stretchy micro fibre. They're light and flexible and provide the ideal defence from the elements... helping to keep you cool when the going gets hot in summer, and protecting your head, ears and neck when the chill starts to kick in.
With 12 versatile ways to get your head around Headsox™, they are perfect for any activity where maximum comfort and protection are a must.
Young Guns staff are required to wear their Headsox at all times whilst instructing and fishing but truth be known they don't have to be told twice. They are phenomenal!
Check out the awesome range of Headsox here!


TONIC EYEWEAR     TonicTWordLogo.jpg - large

If you are an angler in Australia and don't own a pair of Tonic's you are losing fish. It's that simple.  They are superior to any other brand we have worn over the years and simply are a must have for polaroiding and fishing in general. And they look HOT!


Polarised sunglasses that cut glare without losing clarity. By creating a lense that incorporates four colours, and coating the inside of the lense with an anti-reflective film, the wearer will enjoy true eye protection without losing any colour perception. A decentred lense allows the wearer to see straight ahead, up and down and also peripherally, without experiencing any optical distortion.

In addition the new glass lenses are a lighter weight and come in a choice of grey or photochromic (darkens automatically according to light conditions) copper. There is also a polycarbonate lense version in grey or copper.

All frames - a choice of shiny black or tortoiseshell - are made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and are lightweight and durable.

Every pair of sunglasses comes attractively packaged and is backed by a 12 month new for old warranty.

Check them out here:

tonicsunnies.jpg - large

TONICEYEWEAR.jpg - large