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Young Guns have achieved recommendation and commendation from government and council representatives, industry professionals and clients alike. Both Todd and Melanie have been invited to write articles for the most renowned publications in the Australian fishing industry.
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I just wanted to say thanks again to Todd and Brent for a great day fishing. Their patience level is to be commended when you have that many 8yr olds all shouting 'I need bait, my line is tangled, I need....,
can I.... '

All the boys thoroughly enjoyed it and I've had lots of positive comments from the parents. Apparently
they were all full of stories when they got home. I expect some of them will be looking into the school
holidays workshops. Everyone wants to go fishing now!

Here's a photo of when they all first sat down on their chairs - a moment of peace for me:)

Hi Todd, 

As it is the end of the season for Junior Fishing Club I had to tell say something. My son Lewis was a
5 yr old with an interest in fishing. Now he is a 6 yr old boy with an obsession with fishing and more
knowledge about the practicals than me and I've been fishing since very young. Lewis is quite shy and
the staff has done a terrific job of making sure he involves himself with all of the activities. He has learnt
an unbelievable amount from him. He spent the afternoon outside with his rod practicing his casting. We
have already signed him for the next season. I just wanted to thank you, Melanie and the other staff for
bringing this club to Newcastle.

Regards, Brian

The Young Guns Fishing Adventure we had for our son was the best birthday party we've ever had.
Fishing is something he is passionate about and it was something all his friends were really excited
about doing. The Young Guns guys were fantastic at teaching the boys and keeping them under control.
It was all so well organised and safe. I particularly liked the casting rods (without hooks) and the lesson
they were all given in casting and managing the rods, prior to actually fishing. And once they fished they
were all so proud of themselves as most of them caught at least one fish, if not more. Little touches like
the fish pinata and the invite design are a great idea. It is educational, it is a great life skill and above all,
it was a lot of fun. 

We really thought it was fantastic. 




Hi Melanie,

I attended this afternoon's fishing class and thought I would provide some feedback. 

When I arrived, I thought there had been a mistake as I was 25 years older than anyone else in the class.
I knew you held a lot of kids classes but was very surprised. I was almost tempted to turn around and leave
but thought what the heck, maybe the kids could teach me something. Others who get embarrassed may
have easily chosen to leave.

Anyway, I have young kids of my own and was glad I stayed. To watch these guys operate in such as professional and courteous way to every person attending the class was refreshing. I do not know where
they get their patience from but it seemed to be ever lasting. I am not sure I know anyone who could
prepare bait, bait lines and untangle knots for three hours straight and still look as though they could do
it for hours more.

Equipment was excellent, the guys skill level and format of the class was great and although I didn't
catch anything to boast about, I enjoyed the chance to kick back and learn a few things whilst soaking
in the pleasant atmosphere.

I will definitely be recommending your classes and will be sending my boys when they are old enough.





I just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic time my boys Darcy and
Cohen had yesterday at Narrabeen.

They were a bit dubious at first but the day was a great success and they can’t stop
talking about it. I really appreciate the gift voucher and we’ll be looking to book a
party with you soon.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Todd

Thanks again for yesterday. We had lots of fun and enjoyed you and your team's
advice and company throughout the day. 




I thought I'd let you know that the kids had a blast at fishing lessons yesterday.
I'm not sure who the instructor was but Maurice hasn't stopped talking about all
the tricks he did with his rod.

He was so excited to go fishing with you guys he got up at 5.30am made his lunch,
made his sisters lunch and had his school bag packed all by 6am. I am hoping we
can have fishing lessons 5 days a week !

On the way back to school all the boys agreed to tell all the other kids how crap
the lesson was so that next week they could have the lesson to themselves again. 



Hi Todd,

No doubt things have settled down a bit with school holidays over….

We had a great day, the kids keep talking about it. We’ve been back there once
since the day with Young Guns.

I’m still amazed that you’re giving such an amazing prize/gift voucher. Arabella
will be extremely excited about this, and she is very proud and keeps telling
everybody she meets! You certainly had a big impact.

Thanks very much and happy fishing !! 



Hi there

We had a booking with Brett this past weekend to do some fly fishing lessons. 

Just wanted to let you know that we had great fun and he's a good teacher!
We'd definitely recommend him.

Many thanks


A big thank you to Young Guns Fishing Adventures for a great day today at
Murrays Beach Swansea. My daughter absolutely loved it. It was very well run
and most enjoyable. Any chance u can send me thru an email when the next one
for kids is in the Newcastle area ? 
Thanks again




Just wanted to thank you very much for the fantastic fishing program you put
on for our vacation care kids from Abbotsleigh. They all had a ball!!

I thought you might like this photo of Hamish’s catch! I have asked his mum and
she’s happy for it to go on the website if you want to use it.

Thanks again,



Good morning,

I just want to say thank you for arranging the days fishing lesson on (29/12/2011).
It was quite a good day and I actually picked up a few different ideas,hopefully to
improve my fishing.As I haven't got Todds E-mail address,could you pass on my
sincere thanks and appreciation for the day?I really appreciated his willingness to
pass on some of his knowledge,and put his passion for fishing on display,a true professional.I hope to be able to support your business by 'word of mouth' as I believe many can benefit from the experience.

Thanks again,best regards Andrew.


Todd ,

Just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much my daughter enjoyed
the fishing course on Saturday.

Brett was excellent and I would like to thank him for his patience and time.





The excursion was fantastic. All the children participated in the activity by the end of 
the day - including those who said they didn't want to at the start of the day. The tuition
from Mel was spot on and most of the children were casting their own lines by the end
of the day. In fact we had a few who didn't want to go home and it was some effort for
our staff to get them to give the rods back. It helped a little that there were two rods
given as prizes.

We thought all of the helpers on the day were
wonderful. We all felt safe and  Thanks for a great day and inspiring our group to go
fishing more often. And the children are still wearing the fishing caps from the goodie

Thanks again for everything

Clovelly OOSH
Hi Linda
Just a short note to say thanks for Saturday.
Todd & Mel were great. The kids had a great time.
James was pleased that Todd helped him get the catfish.
(Birthday Party)

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for organizing a wonderful party for us. Mathew and his friends still
keep talking about how wonderful it was !!!

(Birthday Party)
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